Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Need Your Ideas

OK, this is the second part of my welcome for new readers. Since this blog is to educate you on the process and help all of you effectively advocate for the Lighthouse, I want to make sure I'm giving you what you want/need (within reason). You saw the first part of what will be a recurring feature in our last post, Where are We and What Can I Do? I was thinking of having at least two other features:
  • Why I Support the Lighthouse - interviews with local people explaining their reasons for supporting the Lighthouse. I will find a few people myself, and I welcome readers willing to volunteer.
  • Shining Light - exposing and debunking myths surrounding the Lighthouse Project.
I welcome any of your suggestions in the Comments section. You can also email me directly - lettherebelighthouse@gmail.com.

As always, don't forget to sign the petition and pass it on!


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  2. Nick, thanks for putting this blog together. In order to raise the profile of the blog, the cause, and the petition, have you tried contacting Greg Logan of Newsday? Keep up the good work!

  3. would it be possible to get some well known long island resident to support the lighthouse project? would def help. is anybody going to the 2/10 toh board meeting? it's open to the public.

  4. Nick, you have an excellent handle on things. I spoke to Matt, we've been friends for quite a while, he said he is thinking of having a meeting regarding how to go forward on this issue.

    I'll let Matt work that out with you.

    Matt and I worked together ON STIC years ago. Steve Ellers and myself are willing to pass on to you the things we found that worked and those that didn't. However, I think you already have a handle on all of it. We did organize and run meetings when over 200 people attended so we might be able to give you some ideas in that area.

    Politicians care only about money and votes Those things are almost always linked and bad publicity is to be avoided even by these "untouchable" republicans in Hempstead. I'm a registered republican and have voted for Murray in the past.

    With politicians the honey over vinegar scenario just isn't appropriate. One example of how bad pub has helped is:

    On Saturday, 2-12-01 Bob Ceparano with STIC's support organized a protest vs local politicians inside the Nassau Coliseum. THe chants vs Tom Gulotta rang throughout the night.

    Even though Gulotta was politically finished by that time, the following Monday, Bob, Steve, and I received personal calls from Gulotta asking for a meeting. When told we were not available Gulotta agreed to meet with at a time of our choosing.

    All of this is past history, the only important part is that a pol who was never going to run for elected office again responded as he did.

    I do not believe it will be so easy with Murray. She takes her orders from Joe Mondello who is quite a hard ass, but treating pols with kid gloves gets you no where.

    The7thManblog@gmail.com is up and running. The prime purpose for us coming back is to do whatever is necessary to keep the Isles here.

    ONE BIG QUESTION: The next board meeting is on the night of 2-10. The Isles play at home that night. Could Murray be that transparent.

  5. Art, thank you for your past advocacy and for caring as much as you do. I've received Matt's message and will be responding either tonight or tomorrow. In addition, I have my own feelings on the political side of this, and you'll see it on this blog tomorrow.

  6. I think that a big factor to consider is the long term demographics of nassau county. People in nassau are getting older and older. It will get to the point where they will not be able to drive and will be pretty much locked in their homes with nothing to do unless they drive counties away. Nassau needs places with transportation access where people can live, shop, work, be entertained, etc. Otherwise, if things continue the way they are going, Nassau will be filled with nonworking homebound senior citizens. How will THAT help the economy? I think that a big way to help the lighthouse project will be to reach out to older people who will reap the benefits of this project being done sooner rather than later.