Sunday, April 5, 2009

Never Doubt Your Power Again

Per Chris Botta:

The stimulus battle is over.

It appears that the message from Kate Murray regarding stimulus funds has been pulled off the Town of Hempstead web site. The proposed mailer to all Town of Hempstead households, at taxpayer expense, has also been scrapped.

The petition drive is still on, as I verified that Islanders Fans First is still operational. However, it is very clear that the phone calls and emails you, the people, sent to the Town of Hempstead on this subject were heard and action was taken.

I hope this puts the cynical arguments to rest. The people can make a difference, because politicians do understand on a basic level that they must be held accountable to those who elect them.

This is a welcome development, but we have much left to do. Rather than basking in this rather minor victory, we should continue to make our voices heard. I know I will, and I hope you will all be there with me.

My friend Ken was sadly ill yesterday (feel better, buddy), so this site does not have a write-up from yesterday's Republican meeting. However, our friend the 7th Woman has a helpful recap with a promise of more to come. Sounds like it was a very interesting meeting.

We will finish our SEQR series tomorrow - enjoy the beautiful weather!

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