Thursday, May 28, 2009

Breaking news: Kristen McElroy to Run Against Kate Murray: More to Follow

Working on detailed piece as we speak. Sit tight, lots to cover.


  1. Glad to see they have nominated a candidate. Now, for those of us not from there, what can you tell us about Ms. McElroy?

  2. Have done a little googling. Seems like a very credible candidate. Young, well educated professional, with a young family. Also very photogenic and well spoken. Sounds like she speaks to many of the key issues of concern to LH supporters (specifically, the tax burden and its impact on keeping young professionals on Long Island). I did notice that she has support from some key liberal activists (which the GOP will certainly play-up), but that did not prevent her from nearly beating Hannon in the State Senate last fall. And that was her first run for any public office. And someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that 6th District seat has been bedrock Republican (or at least bedrock Hannon).

    Nick (and other locals), you'll have far better insight than I, but, from a glance, she seems like a very impressive candidate. If I were Kate Murray, I'd be plenty worried. For a position like Supervisor, I would think it would be hard not to vote for some dynamic new blood in the person of McElroy.

    Here's a Youtube clip I found of her discussing her State Senate run:

  3. Nick... do you think she can win?

  4. Alex, BR, et al - Working on detailed piece right now. Expect it up in 20 minutes, including a bio of Ms. McElroy, instant analysis, and observations from the first political convention I've ever attended.