Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Tax Dollars Pay For This?

This is a quick update, in case you didn't see the reader comment in the previous post.

Today, Newsday reported that Kate Murray's father, who is 83 and retired from the Town of Hempstead Attorney's Office last November, is working a part-time job for the Town and making $40 an hour. This is more than double what comparable Town workers make, and it is in addition to the $40,000 yearly pension he earns from the Town of Hempstead.

Just like their pay-for-play relationship with Frederick P. Clark Associates, Kate Murray wants to tell us all about how there's nothing untoward about this. I sincerely hope she's not actually this tone-deaf, but recent behavior doesn't give me any guarantee of that.

Actions like this severely bother me and go a long way to explaining why government is so inefficient...It's shameful.

Expect an opinion piece on scaling down the Lighthouse later tonight.

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Discussion on the Town Questionnaire continues in the previous thread.


  1. So in the past 6-8 weeks (please correct me if need be):

    1) Kate Murray uses taxpayer money to fund a bogus campaign to petition the federal government for more taxpayer money to refurbish an arena. This while a private developer has already proposed to do this (and the area around the arena) on his own dime.

    2) Kate Murray receives thousands of dollars from an engineering firm that just so happens to get the job of approving the environmental review portion of the Lighthouse project. It also just so happens that this same engineering firm, after the 45 day window for review passes, determines that the Lighthouse document does not address many of the critical areas and is sent back to the developers, which because another draft must be submitted will ultimately make this engineering firm even more money.

    3) Kate Murray's dad, who already receives a pension from TOH, makes $45 an hour doing clerical work, about 3x the rate of other part time employees.

    Thanks for writing about this. Botta deleted my posting on his site for some reason.

  2. Nick, this just broke on the newsday website,0,4363363.story

  3. I get so angry at this woman, Nick.
    It is unbelievable how self-serving she is.

  4. TMC - but she said it's not corruption! Everything's fine now! (I hope everyone could smell the burning sarcasm)