Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Peace for Our Time?

I have to run to a business conference, but I wanted to just say one quick thing:

The biggest thing to come out of this meeting is that the Town of Hempstead and the Lighthouse group will have another sitdown on Friday and seem to be more willing to work on the process for moving the project into public comments and an overall vote. I have about 9 pages of notes and will have a full rundown from the meeting either late tonight or tomorrow morning.

You can check out Jim Baumbach's live blog (he was sitting to my left during the meeting) here to get a blow-by-blow account of what happened today, and I'll be back with key take-aways and analysis.


  1. i really wanna know what this "new plan" is all about!

  2. 19 Isle in NJ 22June 2, 2009 at 10:12 PM

    Can't wait to read your run down Nick.

    Nick ... in your previous thread you mentioned how people were misinformed about the Light Rail going through Garden City...

    I had a similar experience listening to Mike F. on WFAN this afternoon. He was arguing with an Islander fan saying ... They want to run Light Rail through Garden City ... that is never going to happen ... Garden City will never let the Light House happen.

    Was he at that H.O.A. meeting?

  3. Hey Nick, did you hear the President of the Lighthouse say today that if they build this the Isles will only sign a ten year lease extension? Doesn't seem like nearly a long enough commitment to stay on Long Island.

  4. Anon - I did hear that and agree with you. I am working on a full write-up now and will mention that.

  5. Nick, I have the sentiments, you hit the nail right on the head on this one but then again, what else is new? Murray's "Cant Do" attitude is frustrating to all hell....

    I mentioned before that Murray is using "failures to get projects done" in a timely and efficiant manner as an excuse for "failing to get the LHP done" in a timely and efficient manner...This is obviously, counter productive and I'm tired of Murray patronizing us as if we're gullible Isles fans when it is her who sounds misinformed...We can see thru the rhetoric... Murray's attitude towards the past, the future and towards US is unacceptable...

    What happened to learning from the past as a way to do it right in the future???

    To learn from mistakes so those mistakes never happen again is a basic rule for success...

    With all that being said I do appreciate the fact that some head way is being made with the ToH, supervisor...