Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Just Build It" Rally Before the Public Hearing

OK, seriously guys....you need to stop breaking news while I'm in the car traveling somewhere.

I previously hinted at the prospect of a rally before Tuesday's public hearing at Hofstra University, and it's just been announced.

The Lighthouse, along with elected officials and labor leaders, is sponsoring a "Just Build It" rally in the Nassau Coliseum parking lot. The rally will march to the Adams Playhouse at around 8:45 AM for the 9:30 hearing. Current Islanders Josh Bailey and Joel Rechlicz will be in attendance (with potentially more to come), and the first 2,000 attendees will receive "Just Build It" shirts from the Lighthouse.

I hope you can make it - check out Dee's piece for any more information.


  1. What should the attire be? I have no political impact but don't wanna look like a dummy. Islanders Jersey or collared shirt?

  2. Welcome and thanks for the question. I try to avoid Islanders gear at these things because it makes it too easy for opponents or people with an agenda to stereotype us as "just" hockey fans. Suit not necessary of course, but a collared shirt is perfect.

    Hope to see you there.

  3. FWIW, this is the letter that I sent the town. Hopefully, its helps in some small way - Paul

    Dear Town of Hempstead,

    Thank you for inviting me, as an outsider, to share my views on the proposed Lighthouse Project.

    I am a Canadian citizen and a thirty year supporter of Long Island's own New York Islanders. I believe that the Lighthouse is important for your community for many reasons. For me, keeping the Islanders where they belong tops the list. It has become clear over the years that without a new venue and destination point to truly bring the Islanders into the twenty-first century, they can not remain viable in Nassau.

    Personally, I have been looking forward to the day that I can take my family to Long Island for the experience of watching an Islanders home game in a building that would be worth travelling all the way from Canada for. The prospect of a five star hotel as well as all of the on-site amenities that are included in the Lighthouse proposal would make for a wonderful experience. I have visited New York in the past and made brief journeys to Nassau to see the team play. If the Lighthouse was present, it is certain that my vacation schedule would revolve around it instead of Manhattan.

    There are many communities in North American with modern venues begging for the opportunity to house a National Hockey League franchise. Please don't let it be yours. Please build the Lighthouse and make Long Island the place to be for generations to come.


  4. Paul - great way to get your point across that followed all the "guidelines"!

    Thank you for your support - all of us down here are grateful.

  5. All new reports should be broken via their official source and not leaked!

  6. Did Paul McCartney write his "Lighthouse" Song about this?

  7. Kate Murray is doing the right thing suggesting a scaled down version of this ppoject, that way it will get done, make everyone happy, and create some jobs here on LI!