Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Onto Public Comments We Go!

Thanks to everyone who followed the live updates on Twitter and through this site. The hearing went much longer than expected, but we got what we wanted.

I will follow-up later on tonight with key take-aways from today's meeting, but I wanted to make the official announcement here:

Today, the Town of Hempstead voted unanimously to accept the Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) for public review. This kicks off a 45-day public comment period that will run from the middle of this month through August 31, 2009.

Public hearings are currently scheduled for 9:30 AM on August 4, with a likely second session in the afternoon and a potential session at night, either that date or a later date.

The hearing is scheduled for the John Cranford Adams Playhouse, a 1,000-seat theatre on the campus of Hofstra University. This is the big opportunity to have our voices heard; please begin to make your plans now.

I will be back later with more details.

Please share your thoughts in comments. Petition. Email Me. Follow me on Twitter.


  1. So far so good...Thanks for the work your doing, nick...

  2. I know the town already said that they cannot meet the October 3rd deadline Wang has set. I was just wondering if you could give me your opinion of when is the earliest we can hear an answer for the project if everything breaks right.

  3. something has been lurking in the back of my mind and as things seems at least be moving now
    on the LH, this thing is starting to evolve into a real question, soon to be a concern. the LH group has maintained since the outset that they will get the thing done with their own financing, no public funds. they have not revealed from where the dough will come from, nor should they without getting approval first. the question is - can they really get the money in this climate? noone expects the economy to go from bust to boom in a year, or even two. we all assume this won't be an issue. or at least it's never even mentioned. i have speculated all along that mr. wang's ties to china could provide a big portion, but what do i know? when the project was initially proposed the economy was not a factor, noone thought twice about if the $$$ would be available. now, who knows what the LH group can do, or even is thinking?