Sunday, July 5, 2009

Public Hearings NOT Scheduled Yet

Hey everyone - quick hit since I'm just putting on my suit to get to this wedding...

We've seen reports from a few places including commenters on Point Blank and other blogs, but I want to say this right now:

The public hearings are not scheduled yet, despite some reports that they are now scheduled for August 4.

Many view Tuesday's completeness hearing as a formality, but it most certainly is not. We must still show our numbers, and the Town still need to vote to approve the move into public comments.

It is very possible that public hearings could occur on August 4, but it is all speculation until the official vote on Tuesday.

That's it for now - expect a primer post tomorrow for the meeting, and I hope to see you all at Town Hall.

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  1. Hey Nick, I was wondering if you could post a primer on the parking siuation around Hempstead Toown Hall. I would definitely love to attend tomorrow's session of the board but I am hampered by my need to use a cane in order to ambulate - as such the distances I might need to walk are definitely a consideration. If the distance is more than an 1/8 of a mile (nearly 800 feet) then I will be forced to wait for a meeting more suited to my improving health status. Should this be the case then know that I support all of those who turn out to promote the first step in the developing of a new future for our Island. A new future is the steak of this meal, a new home for my favorite Islanders is the potatoes, veggies and gravy accompanying it. Thanks.