Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Joe Mondello Blows it Out His Own Dufflebag

Many nervous Lighthouse supporters have raised the specter of State GOP chairman Joseph Mondello, who also runs the Republican Party in Nassau County and the Town of Hempstead. Some were concerned that he was pulling the strings in a covert campaign against the Lighthouse, as evidenced by his telling Lighthouse Project supporter Joe Conte to "blow it out [his] dufflebag" at Kate Murray's re-election rally in May. This capped a string of bizarre behavior by the Chairman, as he, earlier that week, sent paid staffers to Tom Suozzi's rally (which was, in a totally non-provocative move - yea, right - held right outside Republican Party headquarters) to heckle and throw teabags at both the County Executive and Nina Petraro Bastardi, who is now running for office as a Democrat but used to be an officer in the Nassau County Young Republicans.

Mr. Mondello's hold on the State GOP has been tenuous for months, ever since the Republicans lost a majority in the State Senate for the first time in decades last November. Behavior such as this only increased calls for the chairman to step aside in favor of fresh leadership. Mr. Mondello, known as a stubborn and tenacious man, responded by attempting to assert his control ever more strongly on the party. This space has speculated in the past that he would be desperate for a win in the Town of Hempstead in the upcoming elections, because the Town was his first bastion of power and could prove a signal that he is still a formidable force that can win elections. Considering his opening salvo aimed at Joe Conte, and the fact that Jay Jacobs, Nassau Democratic Chairman, was recently tapped to lead the state Democrats, this could have become very ugly.

Mr. Mondello ended the speculation yesterday, announcing that he would not seek re-election to his position at the helm of the state GOP at its convention next month, and he will concentrate on his duties in Nassau County.

What it Means for the Lighthouse

Mr. Mondello's decision to leave his post has raised valid questions surrounding the Lighthouse. Some wonder whether he will soften his stance now that he does not have a prominent job to protect, and others rightly worry he will become even more radical now that state-wide (and national) spotlight is off him.

Personally, I think the former will play out. We have seen prominent Republicans, such as Assemb. Bob Barra (R - Lynbrook, a former Islanders employee) and Assemb. Fred Thiele (R-Bridgehampton), throw their support behind the Lighthouse, not to mention all Republicans in the County Legislature not named Nicolello or Muscarella. Above all else, Joe Mondello looked out of touch when, as other members of the party he supposedly leads were talking about the benefits the Lighthouse will bring, he accused a concerned voter of being a paid plant for the Lighthouse Development Group.

Mr. Mondello has an injured reputation as he is, rightly or not, taking the blame for many of the Republican Party's losses in New York over the previous years. He will likely regroup and lick his wounds now that he does not have to defend his statewide office. As another election draws near, Mr. Mondello will concentrate on local races, such as Legis. Ed Mangano's spirited (though, in my opinion, ultimately doomed) attempt to unseat Tom Suozzi, and he will not concern himself as much with the Lighthouse. Ironically, Kristen McElroy's (remember her?) "I'm Running By Making Myself Invisible" campaign may also help this, as Mr. Mondello will let the Town of Hempstead shake out this process on its own.

(Blogger's Note: I am still working on getting a few interviews with people in the Town of Hempstead to shine some light on what they're thinking right now. Stay tuned)

In addition, various sources have strongly disputed the notion that Kate Murray was ever beholden to Mr. Mondello, and this should marginalize him even further as the Lighthouse process unfolds.

Bottom Line

At this point, I believe Joe Mondello is a non-issue in the ongoing Lighthouse debate. The final hurdle is between the developers and the Town of Hempstead, as they negotiate the Final Environmental Impact Statement and move toward a zoning hearing. As always, we need to be at the ready to show our positive support for this project, and make sure they know we are still here, dufflebags and all.

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  1. It is amazing that he is the same guy, who as part of the once great Nassau/TOH Republican machine, was partly responsible for the building of the NVMC in the TOH. He is a dinosaur that should hang 'em up....& that is the only good thing I can think of about him.

  2. Less than 6 weeks until opening night and still no zoning hearing. Looks like the town is trying to run out the clock.

  3. Kate Murray supporters were handing out fliers for her upcoming election at Valley stream lirr station a couple of days ago. I'm usually half asleep at 6:30 in the morning, but as this person handed it to me, i looked down and read it and saw that it was for Murray. (Had NO idea what this guy was handing out at the time) I stopped, turned around, and said, "Do me a favor and tell Supervisor Murray that if she wants my vote she'll have to get off her $#%@ and approve the lighthouse." The guy and his friend, both looked dumbfounded. I guess no one actually speaks their mind to these people.

    -Big Van Vader

  4. Nick,

    Any word on what's going on with the zoning hearing? Not a peep coming from Newsday (no surprise) or any other source for that matter.
    What's the deal?

    -Big Van Vader

  5. Hey everyone - been a bit quiet on the Lighthouse front lately.

    Big Van - I'm trying to get some people with knowledge of the situation to talk, but it's so far been unsuccessful. At this point, no news or movement on a zoning hearing. I will keep trying, and I'm planning a post that will hopefully go up today that will talk a bit about some larger issues going on here. One person who reads the site rightly pointed out to me that I may have "buried the lead," so to speak, in The Lie Du Jour. Should be an interesting thing to look into.

    It's funny - I worked from home the day Kate was greeting commuters personally at the Bellmore Train Station....if I'd only known....

  6. Nick,

    This is on her new Re-elect Kate Murray site when you click on the link to her Facebook page here on your site:

    "Kate is open to new and innovative development proposals while remaining committed to preserving the suburban character of our region. This past year Kate and the Town Board approved a commuter‑oriented home development in West Hempstead that offered higher development density in a location adjacent to a local development proposal for 150 acres of property surrounding the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The proposall includes a redeveloped Coliseum, housing, retail space, office space, a hotel, and minor league baseball stadium as well as other recreation and entertainment components."

    One, they don't call it "The Lighthouse Project", which is weird, and two the whole thing sounds odd as if to say she is behind this but won't mention it by name?!?!?

    I dunno. What do you think?

    -Big Van Vader

  7. Big Van - interesting stuff, let me take a look before saying anything. New post finally coming tonight.