Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving - and Thank You

On this Thanksgiving Day, we all have so much to be thankful for.  I want to take a second to thank a group of people I may never be able to adequately thank - all of you.

This blog is now 10 months old, and it has succeeded beyond my wildest expectations.  You have opened your minds to me and the message of this site, and I am eternally grateful that I've had the pleasure to meet so many of you.  Regardless of what happens with this project, I know that our home will be fine because people like you live here.

That's not to say that our work is over....far from it.  We will need to be just as vigilant in the future as we have been for the last 10 months of this blog.  Therefore, I hope you can comment with just 2 things:

1. For what are you thankful today?

2. This site is for you, so how can I make it better? I've thought about things, including adding authors and trying to post more regular but shorter pieces.  Please let me know what you think.

Happy Thanksgiivng, all.  Enjoy your families, enjoy the day, and let's get right back to it tomorrow.

Discussion of other developers wanting the Coliseum site continues in yesterday's post.

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  1. I'm thankful for the Yankees 27th championship...I'm also thankful for this blog and all the hard work Nicks putting into it...This blog is so important and I'm thankful to Nick for caring enough to keep us educated...

    The site is run just fine...I don't know how it could serve its purpose any better

    Happy Turkey Day

  2. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Nick!!! You've done an outstanding job dedicating yourself to providing up to date accurate information.

  3. Nick, you have done a phenomenal job. Good information, good analysis, and great timing. Hope your work pays off for all of us...thank you!!

  4. I'm thankful for Willets Point & Brooklyn.

  5. OK,'re obviously either against the Lighthouse or trying to start with the people who read the site, so let's have a discussion. Do you believe the Lighthouse is a bad deal for the area, and, if so, why?