Monday, January 4, 2010

The Mangano Countdown Has Begun

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Not much news to report on the Lighthouse front, but one big bit of news happened as we flipped the calendar to 2010:

On Friday, Ed Mangano, who told me he favors the Lighthouse Project, was sworn in as County Executive, bringing the Republican Party back to power after 8 years of Tom Suozzi and a Democratic County Legislature.

In addition, the clock began ticking.

I reported at the beginning of December that we will know whether the Lighthouse Project is a priority for the incoming Mangano administration very quickly.  So far, we have heard the positive - pro-Lighthouse Republican Rob Walker being named Mangano's Deputy County Executive - the negative - thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from developers who may be interested in the Nassau Coliseum property - and the interesting coincidences - Michael Martino, the Long Island Press reporter who published the erroneous October report that the Lighthouse Project was dead, being named Mangano's press secretary.

The clock is ticking, and I am running it through Martin Luther King Day (Monday, January 18).  If the Lighthouse Project is a high priority for the incoming Mangano administration, we will hear him talk about it within the first two weeks, and we will hopefully see some sort of high-profile photo-op meeting indicating that the light is still on.

For now, I congratulate Ed Mangano on his ascension to County Executive, and I wish him success in governing our County.  We will see his true commitment to the Lighthouse Project quickly.

(Image courtesy of the Long Island Press)

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  1. Involved in LI group day tours for many years.
    Followed Lighthouse Project, thinking it may be a new destination to promote.
    Sadly, an important piece of "People info." is missing from news.
    Clearly the "What" "Where" &"How" are answered.
    Missing is the "WHO"
    WHO, for sure, will come to support it when it done?
    WHO on LI will be negatively impacted?
    LI people are very savvy.
    Carole :

  2. Nick, apparently all references to the Lighthouse have been deleted from county web sites. I don't know where they were previously, so I can't necessarily know where they no longer exist now. But this is a very worrisome development, so early into Mr. Mangano's tenure.

  3. Actually, if one types lighthouse on the search engine of the Nassau County site, one can get some Lighthouse articles. however, the most recent article is dated October 1, 2009

  4. Any chance this guy can get his fellow party member Kate Murray to go along with this? Seems to me, she is the roadblock

  5. It has been a busy 2 days for me, so expect something about Ed Mangano's other hiring (of Newsday's former TOH beat writer, Eden Laikin, as communications director) either tonight or tomorrow.

    There have been some interesting developments, including those who mention there was no mention of the word "Lighthouse" in Ed Mangano's inaugural speech, and an interesting press release from the Town of Hempstead today.

    Carole - welcome to the site. I think you're right that the how and why have been talked to death, and I hope I've tried to talk a little bit about the who in here from my perch as an independent person who doesn't work for the project. I think a big problem right now is perception vs. reality, since the current plan would not displace any residents and opens the door for traffic funding in an area that's been neglected for decades. LI people are savvy, but they also can sometimes be too interested in staying in their comfort zones.

    My email is up there - drop me a note if you'd like to chat privately.

    Kevin - my interview with Ed suggested to me that, while he supports the project, he will not pressure Kate Murray the way Tom Suozzi tried to. This could either open up space or just give the Town more cover to keep stalling - and the cynical side of me says the latter.

  6. Nick, why do you think Mangano was so irate over the deal that Suozzi brokered two weeks ago? Why would he be so upset that Wang can actually gain some type of financial control of the coliseum? Ih his intentions were to move forward with the lighhouse, why would this upset him?

  7. if someone had asked me what would be a sure sign the old guard still has clout, i think i'd have said if they hire eden laiken.

  8. without a real clue as to what's going on out there and based on my own singular take of the obvious, i won't be surprised if now we see a bunch of perjorative stuff put out there about some of the characters in this intrigue.

  9. Hello Nick,

    Getting close to the 18th, is there anything you specifically heard in relation to the LHP. Just curious :)