Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rock The Referendum: A Special Get Out The Vote Contest

Attention all people who care about the referendum, regardless of whether you live in Nassau County: You've been asking how we can help, and here it is!  Let's tip the scales!

In association with Joe Conte, an associate at Gotham Government Relations & Communications, four Islanders bloggers have come together to present a contest to Rock the Referendum.

Whether or not you live in New York, we hope that all of our readers participate.

The goal: to entice Islanders fans to enlist as many Nassau resident non-Islanders fans to vote on Aug. 1st.

The prize: 5 winners will each receive personalized Islanders jerseys, plus all five winners and a guest will enjoy a pre-game dinner with the writers and seats in a luxury suite at an Islanders game during the upcoming season. (The suite has been donated by blog sponsors and the jerseys by Gotham).

In addition, every reader who enlists at least 20 voters will be personally acknowledged on all four Islanders blogs.

Here’s how the contest works:

All fans interested in participating in the contest must send an email HERE by 6 PM on Friday (but the sooner the better!)  The email must include name, address, phone number, and preferred contact email.

Once received, you will be invited to join a folder shared by only you and the administrators of the contest.  In that folder will be an excel spreadsheet.  On that sheet, you are to enter in the name and city and state of everyone person you personally contact to vote.  If that person votes, you get credit.  We will check everyone's database with the voting record from August 1st.  While this is tedious and time consuming, as far as we are concerned the more work we have to do the better.  The contest ends when the polls close Monday at 9 PM. In other words, you have the next six days to line up as many Nassau voters as you can.

Our solemn vow: Your information will only be utilized for this effort for the purpose of monitoring the contest. It will not be shared with anyone else.

Remember, once again: the one way this initiative truly moves the needle is if readers make the effort to sign up non-Islanders fans. We sincerely hope all of our readers take part and together we can make a significant impact.

If you have any questions, email Joe Conte at

Also follow @GothamGR on Twitter where Joe will be updating everyone as to the progress we are making, such as how many people signed up, number of names in the leading vote-getters, etc.

We can tip the scales.  Let's do this!

Your Participating bloggers:
B. D. Gallof, Hockey Independent
Nick Giglia, Let There Be Light(house)
Dominik Jansky, Lighthouse Hockey
Chris Botta, Islanders Point Blank


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