Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tomorrow is the Big Day

It's been a long journey - 7 years for some of us, at least 2 years for others.

I could give a big rah-rah about how the future of Nassau County is truly at stake tomorrow, and how we need to step up....

But honestly, you already know that, and there's nothing more I can say.

If you want the moving rah-rah, please check out the formal endorsement from last Sunday, where I lay out all the reasons I'm voting yes and why I hope Nassau County agrees tomorrow.

Other than that, you all know what you need to do.

Talk to your neighbors.

Get the facts out there.

And just get out there and vote.

It's overtime, Game 7....nothing else to do, as Jake Taylor so famously said in "Major League," but "win the whole fuckin' thing!"

Let's leave it all on the ice tomorrow and fight for what we believe in....If we can't stand up for our team, community, and future, then we deserve none of those things.

This has been a fun and interesting ride, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to take it with you.  I hope every community is so fortunate to have engaged and active citizens who want to peacefully advocate their cause.

I'll see some of you at the rally tomorrow, and in order to not "tempt the wrath from high atop the thing," I will have 2 posts in the can tomorrow depending on outcome.

Dave might have something later about the historical performance of sports referenda, but for now, I'm out.

You know what you need to do - now go do it.



  1. It HAS been a wild ride, Nick.
    Though something tells me, this ride isn't over.
    At any rate, we ALL know what MUST be done tomorrow. The call has gone out, Isles faithful.


    To quote John Belushi from Animal House,


    -Big Van Vader

  2. Patrick aka sign guyJuly 31, 2011 at 9:21 PM

    Always Believe Nick!! There will be plenty of upcoming posts ahead from you. Can you give any information concerning the rally tomorrow. Time,place,agenda and what to expect and please stop by to say hello as my wife will stand by my side in this very historic moment.

  3. Patrick - I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, and I do believe. It's an old superstitious tradition in political campaigns to have a victory speech and a concession speech ready so as to not, as they put on the West Wing, "tempt the wrath from high atop the thing." I very much hope we're having a victory party tomorrow, and turnout will help make that happen.