Monday, March 16, 2009

A Friendly Reminder and a Question

It's been a quiet few days on the Lighthouse front, but that does not mean we do not have anything to talk about.

Reminder: Go To Meeting

No, this has nothing to do with the internet platform that allows you to do long-distance conferences. This is a reminder that the Lighthouse Development Group will be hosting a public information session at the Long Island Marriott a week from Thursday, March 26, at 7:00 PM. This is a unique opportunity to ask questions of key decision-makers related to the project. Charles Wang, Scott Rechler, Tom Suozzi, and others are confirmed to be in attendance.

Kate Murray has been invited, and while her presence is not guaranteed, yours is needed. The Hempstead Supervisor needs to see and feel the very real passion that exists for this project among her constituents. This is such an important project for the future of Long Island, and it needs to be made clear that we, as supporters, understand the benefits and support the project because of these benefits for Long Island. This is more than hockey and an arena, and it cannot be trivialized into just hockey and an arena....with $3 billion thrown in.

I hope you can all attend, and bring at least 1 person with you. Supporters and skeptics alike should understand the project so they can form an educated opinion. This is one of the few chances we will have to show our numbers and passion to elected leaders, and we cannot waste it.

A Question

I am working on some political angles related to the Lighthouse. It is clear, since both Tom Suozzi and Kate Murray are up for re-election this year, battle lines are being drawn. To me, this begs the question, and I'll throw it out to the readers before giving my take:

If the Lighthouse Project becomes a large issue in the upcoming political campaigns, will this help or hurt our cause?

Thoughts are welcome. Please don't forget to sign the petition and send any feedback to


  1. This will help our cause. I truly think that while the NIMBY folks remain strong on Long Island, in this economy a politician who wants to turn her back on a development this large won't succeed. I do think whatever Republican runs against Suozzi will try to make an issue that it's a "sweetheart" deal, but of the 9 Republicans in the legislature, only two of them voted against it. So in essence, the Suozzi opponent would be arguing that much of his own party was in on the sweetheart deal.

  2. I think we're going to be at a crossroads come October. The "hard" deadline set by Charles in the past few weeks really isn't what it seems. I believe it is merely a shot across the bow to try and get the development moving and an answer by the end of the year. Construction won't begin until 2010 as it stands anyway.

    As far as the political ramifications, Kate Murray might find herself out in the cold on this one if she doesn't find the moxy to admit her mistakes and back the project. I'm sure that on March 26th she won't show up and it will be the nail in her coffin as a political figure on Long Island.

    She is simply not following the first rule in politics, which the Greeks and Romans knew well: You must appease the mob, no matter how fickle they are or how large their demands may be. The Romans did it with bloodsport at the Coliseum (of all places).