Monday, March 16, 2009

Listen to My Appearance Last Week on HNLI

I know this was late in coming, but here is a chance for those who missed my appearance to hear me on the March 7 edition of Hockey Night on Long Island. Alex and Steve have a great show over there, and I'm grateful for the opportunity.

I'm on for the last 1/3 of the program, but the rest is worth listening to as well. Enjoy.


  1. Regarding elections, do you know the history of the town of hempstead supervisor position, something tells me it won't be much of an issue, I think the Republicans have owned this position for a while and it won't change, so that probably means that Murray will have more "weight" for her cause, without her constituents knowing why, Republicans will just vote and agree with whatever she says, so demonizing her will only make her stronger....

  2. Anon - I made a whole case against demonizing her both in this interview and my last piece. I've read up on the history, but could you re-phrase the question? I don't think I follow where you're going - because on first blush it sounds like we're in agreement that demonizing Kate Murray does no good for anyone.

  3. I'm in agreement with you, I posted in response to your question about what happens if this becomes a political issue, will it help or hurt? I think, if anything, it would hurt. Lets assume Kate Murray is a smart politician, she knows this is her chance to go from a town supervisor to a county executive, in the political world this is a huge jump, just look at how Suozzi's name was mentioned for the Govenor position, nothing to laugh at. Personally I don't think Kate Murray has actually gotten in the way of anything, the frustration is she hasn't made glowing remarks about the project, but in reality it's a process that has to be completed, so be it. So now here is her chance....the town usually goes Republican, the County isn't strongly sided, but has been in Democratic control, if she puts herself out there as a capable opponent to Suozzi she may get her parties nomination, and then we are doomed(regardless if she wins or not)....if she is the candidate it becomes THE political issue and that would be a nail in the coffin regarding the Wang imposed deadline of next hockey year, therefore there is no way this gets approved before the start of next season with Murray as the town supervisor, we are going to be held hostage, if I was Kate Murray this is my chance at a career move(hopefully career ending!), worst case scenario, I can be the supervisor of the town of hempstead, it's worth the chance. In conclusion, if she gets her parties nomination we are in trouble, if she doesn't, we have a fighting chance.
    Thanks for your blog, and appeciate the responses you give to your readers. Regards!