Thursday, June 25, 2009

Draft Party And BIG UPDATE

Hey everyone. I know we're all gearing up for tomorrow's NHL draft, and the Tavares/Hedman/Duchene arguments have basically dominated the conversation. However, we have two big updates to cover, despite a relatively short post.

Completeness Hearing SCHEDULED

Here we go - the Town of Hempstead has followed through on its promise.

The completeness hearing is officially scheduled for 10:30 AM on Tuesday, July 7. The Town Board will vote on the completeness of the DGEIS and determine whether it is ready for public comments. If this resolution is approved, public hearings will then be scheduled for all to come and voice their views on the Lighthouse (it will probably be a lively back-and-forth like we had on the last thread. Great conversation, guys).

It is imperative that anybody who is able to attend this hearing come out to Town Hall on the 7th. I will have more information as the time nears, but please make an attempt to clear about 2 hours on that day if it's possible.

Also, be sure to email me if you think there are opportunities to do more around this event.

Lighthouse at the Draft Party

Tomorrow's Draft Party may be the most-attended event of its kind in professional sports history, and the Lighthouse is planning a large presence at the Coliseum.

Currently, the Lighthouse has planned many things, including:

Lighthouse Jeopardy, in which teams of 3 can compete to win a prize. Check the details, and register your team as quickly as possible. I think it goes without saying that I would like readers of this site to win.

The Lighthouse Station on the arena floor will allow voters and residents to share testimonials on why they support the project.

The social networking station will allow voters to communicate their support to friends on social networks, and there will be an opportunity to sign up as an official Lighthouse supporter.

If you plan to be at the arena tomorrow, be sure to stop by!

Blog on Hiatus Until Sunday

I'm not attending tomorrow's Draft Party for superstitious reasons, but I hope to see our team move forward. In the meantime, since the Draft is taking up a large portion of everybody's time, the blog is on hiatus until Sunday. Look for the regularly-scheduled postings to resume at that time.

As always, thank you for reading.

Please share your thoughts in comments. Petition. Email Me. Follow me on Twitter.


  1. Nick - now that the draft is over and we have our man (I smile every time I think about it), we can turn our attention back to this critical issue.

    Do you think adding Tavares has any impact at all on our chances to get the Lighthouse passed? I hope that Kate Murray and the good people of Garden City see the video of last night's draft party. They can see that there is still a LOT of passion for hockey here on Long Island. A good team in an up to date building can be good for LI on so many levels. Not to mention the benefits of the rest of the project.

  2. MW - such a relevant question. Short answer: I don't think the quality of the on-ice product will directly influence the Lighthouse. However, this pick could ignite more interest in the Islanders and motivate people to become more informed and active in the Lighthouse process.

    Think about it, and I've wondered before if the Town of Hempstead was too clever by half on this. The completeness hearing is scheduled for July 7, and I'll bet you many more people decided to attend because of this pick. It's not to say that only Islanders fans support the Lighthouse, but a more casual (pure) hockey fan could become more informed and motivated on the Lighthouse since the team anxiety is lessened.

    I really hope that made sense. In my view, the Lighthouse will rise or fall based on its benefit to the community. Tavares won't get us the Lighthouse directly, but his pick could provide a catalyst in public information and support.

  3. 19 Isle in NJ 22June 27, 2009 at 9:50 PM

    Good thread there Nick ... I see that you made the Jumbo Tron on the Light House Promo ... very nice.

    Look forward to your next thread.