Monday, July 27, 2009

Kate Murray Releases Lighthouse Video

As initially reported by Newsday, Kate Murray has released a new video on YouTube explaining the latest steps in the Lighthouse process. It is set up like an interview, with Town spokesman Mike Deery questioning her.

Here is the video in its entirety. I won't editorialize yet - let's have a good conversation in the comments.

Hope to see you at the Paterson press conference in a little over an hour.

Kate Murray Video, Part 1:

Kate Murray Video, Part 2:


  1. This is all well & good but I wtf is up with the soft ball questions shes already prepared for???

    I'll be impressed when she does an interview with the true media, with out canned questions...

  2. That doesn't add up for me either.

    Kate Murray decides to do a sitdown interview about the Lighthouse and post it on YouTube - that's a good decision.

    Then she decides to have her spokesman interview her, thus destroying all credibility.

    I genuinely think this is just how they do things, and while they're trying it's tough to break old habits.