Sunday, July 26, 2009

Paterson Press Conference Tomorrow

Late-breaking news from the Lighthouse:

Tomorrow, Gov. David Paterson will appear at an 11AM press conference at Nassau Coliseum to announce his support for the Lighthouse Project. This is the Governor's first public proclamation of support, even though he has made his support clear in prior statements. Charles Wang, Scott Rechler, Tom Suozzi, and Kate Murray are all expected to attend this event.

The press conference will be held outside the Nassau Coliseum box office, and it is open to the public. I will be there, and I hope to see you as well.


  1. As unpopular as Gov. Paterson is, this can only be a good thing. I am glad to hear that Ms. Murray will be there also. I do not expect her to say anything, but just her presence is good.

    I can't help this nagging feeling that we are in for a nasty surprise on August 4. I hope I am 100% wrong here. I have absolutely nothing to base it on.

  2. MW - what precisely do you mean by a nasty surprise?

  3. Some sort of organized opposition that comes from nowhere, and Ms. Murray jumps right on their bandwagon.
    Again, I want to stress that I have absolutely nothing to base this on, except a lifetime of living in Nassau County, mostly in the TOH (although not currently).

  4. It's possible that any politician against the Lighthouse would look for political cover in organized opposition, and you're right that the public hearings are the last, best chance for organized opposition to emerge.

    Therefore - it's paramount that we ensure maximum turnout among Lighthouse supporters.

  5. Nick - looks like Botta shares my concerns.