Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cries of Fire, Looking for Smoke

I was at a business conference all day yesterday and today, and on my way out I received a text from my friend BD Gallof:

LI Press reports Lighthouse is dead

I felt like all the air had been knocked out of my lungs, and I'm glad I was sitting down at the time.

Many people have called, emailed, and messaged on Twitter - thank you for that. It's always great to hear from all of you, even under trying circumstances.

I am not ready to believe this news because all we have is an unconfirmed report from an anonymous source that has not proceeded beyond the Long Island Press. All the major news outlets on Long Island have been chasing this story, and the best we have is another anonymous source telling Newsday that the project is not dead (it also includes quotes from Tom Suozzi saying that Charles Wang has not informed him of any changes regarding the Lighthouse Project).

I have been sending emails and making phone calls to well-connected sources and officials within the Lighthouse Project. The Lighthouse people have not returned my calls, and most of my sources and friends have answered the phone by asking whether I knew anything myself.

At the end of the day, I have heard everything from sheer confusion to a belief that this is a ploy to a belief that the thought of this project dying is very real. In other words, nobody I have spoken to knows for sure, and the people who know have not been talking.

As of right now, I am reserving any judgment until I hear more. As soon as I know something, you will as well. I hope you understand my decision to reserve judgment until someone speaks on the record.

I hope we hear from the Lighthouse soon. After all that has happened, they owe it to us to keep us in the loop.

(My friend BD Gallof also has a post well worth reading)

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  1. The very first line of BD's missive concerns me, "Per a source, the Lighthouse Project is meeting as of right now." WHY? if the LI Press story is BOGUS, and members of "The Project" are fully committed, full steam ahead, why a late night meeting of VIP's on a Wednesday night? A SIMPLE PRESS RELEASE reassuring all that the LI Press is wrong would suffice....Then meet tomorrow to figure what arsehole is leaking. But a "meeting as of right now" by "the LH Project" smacks of DAMAGE CONTROL of the highest order. Reminds me of labor leaders convening their own midnight meeting right before calling a nationwide shutdown by airline pilots or mechanics the next day after rumors of "talks breaking down with management" hit the press.
    Nope...don't like it....don't like it all.

    Didn't someone mention here two weeks ago that Wang would make a blockbuster announcement in two weeks or so?