Thursday, October 15, 2009

Still No Word - Who's Playing Games Now?

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 UPDATE 12:30 PM: Official Statement from Charles Wang released, posted on The Light Post.

UPDATE 11:00 AM: Charles Wang tells Newsday, of this report that ripped through Islanders Country last night: "It's bogus." It took that long?

UPDATE: Chris Botta is reporting that the Islanders staff is telling fans the project is still on, and a statement is planned for later today. Glad to know they can still speak, though I didn't know it took a full day to write a statement.

It is now about 17 hours since the Long Island Press first reported a story that the Lighthouse Project has been abandoned. Despite serious questions about the piece's credibility and the Press' maddening insistence on calling the Lighthouse Project "controversial," the Press has doubled down on the story, re-Tweeting it at least twice since the initial announcement. Newsday could do no better than run a story saying an anonymous source connected to Charles Wang (but not Mr. Wang himself) says the Lighthouse has not been abandoned.

This refusal to speak on the record has gone from maddening to disrespectful, and I have to call it what it is. These same people who never had a problem calling or sending an email when they needed something now left the tens of thousands of people who all sacrificed something toward this common goal twisting in the wind for almost a full day. I'm not even talking just about the bloggers; there are plenty of people who wrote comments, signed petitions, made signs, and took precious days off from work to attend Lighthouse Project hearings, all because they believed in the future of Long Island and endorsed the vision put forward by Charles Wang and Scott Rechler. These people deserve better.

To make matters worse, this is the same group who repeatedly (and in many cases, rightly) accused the Town of Hempstead of playing games every step of the way. I do not like to feel used, and that's where I am right now.

To the Lighthouse: TIME TO SPEAK UP. Our patience is running thin.

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  1. Absolutely, Nick. This is starting to smell in a very bad way. What is so hard about just saying "that report is totally untrue and we deny it"?

    I am starting to wonder if they planted the story just to get everyone's attention and anger going? Why else do it this way? I mean come on - the Long Island Press?

    If so then they have let this go on too long.

  2. Great headline Nick. Who's playing games NOW?

    The deadline passed, IMHO no need for games at this point. The Developers are exploring other options, if they get a yes great, if not well we sort of knew a 'no' was coming all along.

  3. nothing is surprising any more. no ending scenario would be a shock. this whole process is taking on a dark feel to it. anyone who thought sleaze came from one side in this may want to reconsider that assessment. it's troubling.

  4. "if they get a yes great, if not well we sort of knew a 'no' was coming all along."

    the question is fast becoming 'do they still want a yes?'

  5. I don't think that there is any question that they want a 'yes' but its been an uphill PR battle for Wang. If he came out every day and made a statement, someone would say he was an impatient bully. If he can't be reached for comment overnight regarding an anonymous quote in the LI Press, he's apparently forgotten all the fans have done for him. Wang may have made a mistake by not fighting this in the press right now. I would think the TOH would love to maintain radio silence until elections are over and then give him his 'no'. If Wang was looking for a way out hasn't Murray shown him many doors already? I'm amazed how many negative things are said about Wang through all of this. The guy could give out $100 bills and would be critized. He just want an answer people.

    Paul in Canada

  6. without knowing wang/reck and what they say to each other, i cannot be certain as paul that they still want a yes as much as they did. i hope they do and think that maybe they do, but this whole affair has taken on such bizarre character now that anything could be happening beyond our knowledge. and i don't think charles wang is a saint or a terrible person. in fact, i've had some real problems with how he's run the islanders and the LH plans, but i also admire and respect the care and patience and dough he's put into it all. still, i would not be shocked if he reached a 'no longer worth it point' or if factors affecting him and/or reckson (again, unseen to us) are now such that a 'no go' would not be a disaster for them, and might even be a relief. speculation on my part for certain, but there have been signs that something has changed recently.

  7. If we're tired of the games, so must they. I don't believe this was done by the LH group. But it doesn't matter. We are losing sight of the real issue...the TofH must make a decision, and guess what, there will be little if any scale back. That my friends is, is it yes or no? And, has anyone noticed the lunacy on the other blog?? Rediculous. The fanbase hear is very very very simplistic and disappointing!

  8. Sadly, there are people in every walk of life that can't take the long view. I want this project built, and anything else does distract from the long view.

    New post coming later on today that discusses this in a bit more detail.

  9. Nick,

    Thanks for your condolences expressed on Chris Botta's blog today. Very much appreciated. Sorry I haven't been contributing to the dialogue the past few months, but I've certainly been reading alot. Especially your well-researched and passionate analysis of developments. Keep up the good work. I wish you all the best.