Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Detailed Reaction to Today's Announcement Tomorrow

Hey everyone - as we know, big news today, as Nassau County announced a referendum for a $400 million bond issue to cover a new home for the Islanders and a minor league ballpark.

I have a lot to say about this, but I need a day to gather my thoughts before I will post a more detailed reaction.

Also, it's good to be back - Let There Be Light(house) will re-launch through the end of the August 1 referendum.  Talk to everyone tomorrow.


  1. Glad to see you're back at it, Nick. Nifa will have a say in this, for sure. I think the vote will go our way, but politics will still play a factor, regardless. It's up to Wang, Mangano, Murray (shudder) and the Isles to convince the public before August 1st. It's weird. I'm actually not too worried about this vote. It's NIFA and the politics that worry me.

    -Big Van Vader

  2. Good to have you back nick. Been to long since i've seen an update here. Need ya now more then ever man.

  3. Great news about new arena !! and good to have you back as a very reliable source of information. Please let us know what we can do to get this new arena done.

  4. I know it is a lot to digest, Nick... and I know it is not everything that we all hoped for. But, its something- and nothing is the absolute worst thing I could imagine for Nassau County. I look forward to more of your insights into this situation.

  5. If Mangano had submitted a reasonably accurate budget, we wouldn't have to worry about NIFA who can kill it.

    Don't know if you saw Newsday's unscientific poll of a few days ago. Here it is:

    63% for the proposal.
    7% leaning toward a yes.
    10% say they need more info before deciding.
    20% definitely opposed.

    The 20% leaps out at me. Scientific or not, it will be very hard to turn that 20% into 51%.

    However, I spoke with a few sports fans while playing golf. Each confused revenue with profit. All feared the Isles will continue losing millions and the taxpayers will foot the whole bill.

    This plan must be explained in a much clearer way. Why is it up guys like you, me, the sign man, and all other Isles fans to do the work the county & Wang should be doing?

    As always, I'm willing to help anyway I can.


  6. Hi Art, thanks for your comment. You hit on something that I've wondered myself many times, and something that will be the topic of a post either tomorrow or Sunday.

    Long story short, you're right. Mangano and Wang owe us and everyone else a full explanation of this, and it shouldn't have to be up to us to do the heavy lifting. I'm ready to inform people and I'll interview anyone (for or against) willing to talk to me....but this isn't my job. Nor is it yours, or the sign man's. We shouldn't have to be the only ones on the front line, and I hope they've learned their lesson from what happened to the Lighthouse.