Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meeting on Hub Transportation Scheduled For Tomorrow

Hi, everyone.  I've been away and dealing with an illness in my family, in addition to all the other things going on right now, but this is important and merits a quick hit (Hat tip to mrlbem).

Tomorrow, from 6-8:30 PM at the Long Island Marriott, Ed Mangano is sponsoring a talk about transportation options in and around the Nassau Coliseum site, known as the "Nassau Hub."  Regardless of the Lighthouse Project's fate, this is an important issue to discuss moving forward, and we will hopefully be able to get some solid information out of someone with Nassau County.

When: Tomorrow, August 11, 2010, 6:00 PM

Where: Long Island Marriott, right next to Nassau Coliseum.

Click here for more information, straight from the source.

I don't know if I'll be able to make it squarely at 6 because I work in Manhattan, but I will do my best.  Either way, I hope to see you there.

Look for a post on this blog's future sometime in the next week or so, as well as a guest post.  The blog is not shutting down, but changes will need to be made to ensure what has been going on does not continue.

As always, thank you.


  1. Damn, I wish I knew about this in advance! Damn, damn, damn! I would really like to go, I need to see what I can do.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Nick. I was there. It was a presentation to the public (the first of several) by the County's consultants who were retained to do the transportation study. The purpose is to reduce automobile traffic congestion and come up with viable alternatives, light rail, buses, etc. This project exists outside the scope of and is independent from the LHP or the casino. The thought is that something will be developed at the Hub (which includes Hofstra, Roosevelt Field, MItchel Field, etc. in addition to the Coliseum) and there will need to be transportation for it whenever it happens. The study is to make sure that whenever something is developed there, whatever shape or form that development takes, the transportation infrastructure won't be far behind.

  3. Nick I remember in the late 80s when I was attending NYIT's architecture school. There was a huge focus on what LI needed to survive into the next millenium. That focus was on transportation, mini-urban commercial hubs and infrastructure overhall.

    10 years into the 21st century ... and what has been done? Huge companies left or downsized, migration from LI, NVMC still waiting for its make over and zero transportation alternatives. This is what happens when stagnation and bureaucratic posturing rules the day.

    I think I mentioned back on Logan's blog a few years ago that NYS / NJS and the municipalities like NYC, Newark, Nasssau, Suffolk, Westchester and a number of other NJ counties had been working on a totally revamped transportation system that required the reduction in "legacy" long haul transportation systems such as buses, cars and trains to be replaced by light rail, monorail and high speed sky rail transportation systems. Nothing even made it off the drawing board.

    You have to ask yourself is this meeting just lip service. Or is it an honest attempt at a solution to a problem that is choking LI from its economic prosperity.

  4. isle in NJ:

    I just don't know. As the LHP and further planning for the hub has continued, the less I see being done. Transportation into the hub is a big...big issue. One I do not see being addressed. If something goes up in the hub, I agree the current infrastructure can not support it.

    The short sightedness of the TOH in general and Garden City in particular is astounding


  5. Im convinced at this point that these meetings are "lip service" as Isle in NJ 22 suggested...I have NO confidence in the ToH at this point....They have NO vision

  6. I don't know to me it is very simple and everybody is making a big deal about it. Here is my suggestion:
    1. A tram train like in Disney that Surrounds the area including: All the stores on the south side of Old Country Road from Merrick Ave going West to Roosevelt Field, North to Hempstead Turnpike, East to Merrick Avenue and South back to Old Country Road.

    2 Shuttle Buses from the Westbury Train Station to the Tram.

    3 Add More Buses going to tram station from Old Country Road and Hempstead Turnpike.

    By doing this it solves many problems:

    1 Connects all the stores and restaurants so the all the stores would get traffic so Garden City's Stores would not loose business

    2 It adds More for the area for it to be THE PLACE TO GO

    3 Trams are cheap to build.

  7. problem is toh and garden city are stuck in the past and it is starting to bite them in the ass now. i agree with buses from train stations and Charles lindburgh blvd is a low volume in traffic road also.

  8. toh and garden city are definitely "run" by people (emphasis on the quotes) who 'have no vision' and are 'stuck in the past.'
    but i think blaming them for what's going on is like blaming lousy weather on mr. G.
    the ideas posted here about HUB transit issues all make sense. but how logical, sound or necessary something is has never had much to do with what gets done out there. the ones bearing the brunt of the criticism in all this (some quite wittingly) are a distraction, and a diversion.

  9. The tram idea is great, excluding one key point. Garden City DOES NOT WANT people that take public transportation anywhere near them. That fact has been proven throughout the LH proceedings. They are insulated, scared, and backward, and while we all know that it will "bite them in the ass," they don't, and never will. They would much prefer to sit back and retain their comfort level with something that isn't working and hasn't been working rather than a trade off with the unknown. And a tram system anywhere near Garden City is certainly the unknown.

  10. http://www.newsday.com/long-island/politics/spin-cycle-1.812042/new-push-begins-for-agreement-on-nassau-hub-development-1.2197381

    "A month after it seemed Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano and Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray couldn’t get further apart, the two Republican leaders are now trying to find common ground.

    Mangano and Murray have been in talks in recent weeks, Mangano spokesman Michael Martino confirmed."

  11. Steve - that link is really good - someone sent me the txt - seems like Murray is willing to bend a bit more on the LHP and to me - sounds like they are talking. Which is very good news in my opinion.

  12. Did the full version of the article say that Wang is talking to Murray and Mangano? Even with Murray and Mangano talking, I think Mangano's press conference getting ZERO promotion on the Isles web site indicates that Wang's not interested in the Coliseum development at this time.

  13. I dont know what the rules are so i dont want to quote to much but this is a very telling line

    "the goal of the talks, sources said, is to find a solution that would work for the town, county and New York Islanders owner Charles Wang."

    It also states that she is more flexible on density and height of buildings.

    It also says that they have been talking for a few weeks.

    So its all very good

  14. http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/08/20/judge-rejects-challenge-against-willets-point-project/?scp=1&sq=Willets%20Point&st=cse

    'The judge, Justice Joan A. Madden of State Supreme Court in Manhattan, turned down their request for an injunction to keep the city from going ahead with the project. Seth W. Pinsky, the president of the city’s Economic Development Corporation, said that the city now controls “about 80 percent” of the land for what is planned as the first phase of development.
    'She rejected their arguments against the environmental review, particularly as it focused on proposed new ramps from the Van Wyck Expressway. She said enough information had been provided to make possible “informed consideration and comment” on how the project would affect traffic in the area.'

    It looks like a good news for the Islanders to move to Citi Field/WP, although it's not a done deal yet.

  15. From the article: “We believe very strongly that the economic realities today would preclude the Coliseum from being funded solely from the development yield that would be approved no matter what it is,” Cameron said. “At the end of the day, they’re going to eventually look across the table and say, ‘We still can’t finance this.’”

    Why are they counting Wangs money???

  16. Hi IslesPassion21, which article are you talking about?

  17. http://www.newsday.com/long-island/nassau/mangano-creating-plan-to-redevelop-nassau-coliseum-hub-1.2237583

    Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano has proposed using long-term borrowing - and ultimately taxpayer dollars - to redevelop the area surrounding Nassau Coliseum, including the possible renovation of the Coliseum itself, according to county documents and officials briefed on the plan.

    Mangano and his aides declined to discuss the plan, for which he has submitted legislation that would have...

    The soap opera goes on and on.....